What is an ankle sprain?

Your ankle is held in place by ligaments which enable mobility. An ankle sprain occurs when your ligaments are overextended and are stretched and/or torn. There are 3 degrees of an ankle sprain and SportVis™ can be used for grade 1 or 2.

Are ankle sprains common?

Yes, they account for about 75% of all musculoskeletal injuries experienced during sporting activities. Ankle sprains can also be a recurring problem at a rate of approximately 40% in the sporting population.
SportVis™ has been specifically designed to manage pain and optimise recovery of first and second degree ankle sprains.

What grades of ankle sprains can I use SportVis™ for?

SportVis™ can be used to treat either a Grade 1 or 2 ankle sprain but not a Grade 3 ankle sprain as surgery might be needed.

What are the symptoms of an ankle sprain?

Pain and swelling are common occurrences with ankle sprains due to the overstretching and/or tear of your ligament(s) and the rupture of blood vessels around the region. SportVis™ is able to limit the pain and inflammation with its ancillary effects.

What is SportVis™?

SportVis™ is an injection that is administered by a medical professional that can help in your recovery of an ankle sprain. SportVis™ should be injected preferrably within 48 hours of an ankle sprain with a second injection another 48 hours following the first.

Why do I need 2 injections?

Two injections represent the full treatment and are necessary for a better and quicker recovery.

Why is there a need for SportVis™?

SportVis™ has been demonstrated clinically to help you recover better and faster.

What are the current available options?

R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) standard of care is commonly advised.
NSAIDs can also be administered but they are known to have systemic side effects.
SportVis™ provides functional and local treatment of your ankle sprain.
SportVis™ will also provide you with a shorter period of R.I.C.E. therapy and limit pain and inflammation.

Why should I ask for SportVis™?

SportVis™ was not created to rule out R.I.C.E. standard of care. Instead, SportVis™ was designed to enhance the results of recovery and is meant to be used concomitantly with R.I.C.E.

Due to the properties of hyaluronic acid, SportVis™ can help relieve pain without systemic side effects and limiting inflammation without retarding the repair process.

How do I regain my full abilities?

After your full 2 injection treatment of SportVis™ with continued R.I.C.E. standard of care, you will be advised to strengthen your ankle through simple exercises. Use pain to be a guidance of how much movement can be achieved. Do not try to tolerate the pain and force your ankle to obtain complete range of motion immediately.

There are a range of specific exercises for ankle sprains. Please consult your physician or physiotherapist for more details.

How long before I regain my full abilities again?

It can take up to 3 months to regain your abilities again. SportVis™ has shown to help patients return to activities pain-free and disability-free 6 days quicker.

Can I prevent myself from getting an ankle sprain again?

You can be cautious during sports by wearing a brace or ankle guard but it does not mean that you might never sprain your ankle again. An ankle sprain is a very common injury with a high recurrence rate and does not only happen during sports. This is why it is important to have quality healing that SportVis™ may help you to obtain.

Where can I find SportVis™?

We have a network of distributors worldwide. Please contact the distributor from your region or you may also contact us.

If you might have further questions which have not been included in here, please feel free to contact us