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In this section you will find information on the new product SportVis™ and its use in the treatment of grade I and II ankle sprains. We have included SportVis™ prescribing information, clinical references, a video demonstrating the “fanning” injection technique and other useful information.

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Reduces time to recovery

A clinical study against placebo have shown that SportVis™ enabled most of patients to attain pain-free and disability-free return to sports (and daily activities) 6 days faster in a 17-day recovery period.

Clinical results:

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Improve the quality of healing

SportVis™ is able to strengthen the ankle’s ligaments during the healing process and reduce scar tissue through a full potential of interaction within the fibrin network of the injured ligaments, a better quality of healing is possible.

Reduce rate of recurrence

SportVis™ containing STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid) can aid the healing process with less scar tissue thus improving the quality of healing and allowing the ankle to regain its former strength. There is also a reduced the rate of recurrence.

Manage pain and swelling with very low probability of systemic side effects

Hyaluronic acid has the ancillary effect of reducing pain and limiting inflammation. SportVis™ containing STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid) will help reduce pain and limit inflammation in an ankle sprain due to these ancillary effects with low probability of systemic side effects (none experienced during clinical trials until now).

SportVis™ and R.I.C.E. Standard of Care

SportVis™ is a peri-articular injection that can only be performed by a medical professional that has been trained in the injection technique. SportVis™ should be injected into the injury site within 48 hours of the injury and the 2nd injection to be administered 48 hours following the 1st injection.

SportVis™ was designed to be used concurrently with the R.I.C.E. (rest, ice compression and elevation) principle. Using SportVis™ together with R.I.C.E. will allow the patient to regain range of motion more quickly.

How SportVis™ works?

SportVis™ containing STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid) has been designed specifically to interact optimally with soft tissue ligaments and tendons due to its purity profile and biocompatibility.

When STABHA™ is injected into the site of injury, it reacts rapidly and efficiently with the torn ligaments. The hyaluronic acid acts as a dynamic supporting feature as it binds to the torn ligamentous fibres, hereby strengthening the fibrin network of the ligaments.

By saturating the injury site with STABHA™, the full potential of its supportive role is achieved.

About SportVis™

The main content of SportVis™ is STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid).

SportVis™ is a registered product with the CE mark and both SportVis™ and the manufacturing process for STABHA™ are patented.

SportVis™ is used for treating Grade 1 and 2 ankle sprains. It is administered via a peri-articular injection into the site of injury using the fanning technique. The fanning technique helps to spread SportVis™ over a large surface area within the injury site to achieve optimal interaction with the torn ligaments.